Santorini Coronavirus Updates

As in many countries of the world, on Santorini we also find ourselves in a state of restricted movement to help contain the coronavirus outbreak. The good news (if such a situation can be characterised as such) is that to date (25/05) there have been no cases of the virus on the island. In general, Greece has been very lucky with the overall number of cases mainly thanks to the early implementation of social distancing measures across the entire country which of course included Santorini also.

We are receiving many requests for information regarding if hotels and other businesses are open or when they are expected to open. Since information specific to Santorini seems to be difficult to find we detail on this page a brief timeline of events as related to Santorini and will strive to keep the information herein updated regularly. As of 25/05 the framework regarding when hotels and other businesses will be opening and what transport options will be available are becoming clearer.

As things stand now we are planning to open on 1st July 2020, we have some great offers for those thinking of visiting us early in July. In addition to our special discounts we are also pleased to offer free private transfers to and from our hotel for all our guests who are booking direct. Contact us with any questions and start dreaming about visiting Santorini this year – it will certainly be a less crowded island in 2020 – why not take advantage of it!

Update 25/05/2020: Restaurants have now opened on Santorini and flights to the island from Athens are available to any travellers wanting to arrive by air. Ferries are now also open to all travellers.

The next dates of reference:

01/06 – The first hotels on the island are expected to open. These are hotels that are usually in year round operation and does not include the Cocoon Suites (yet!).

01/07 – All hotels are expected to be able to open. If all goes well this is when we will be opening too!

the above dates are pending events on the ground. In the best case scenario it does not seem that many hotels will be open before the end of June. When we have more news we will keep you posted. As of this update there are still no cases of the virus on Santorini.

Have there been any cases of Coronavirus in Santorini?

As of 25/05 there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus on Santorini. The Santorini General Hospital, which is a large fully functional modern hospital and not a simpler health clinic found on some smaller islands, has set up an isolated testing area for suspected Coronavirus cases. Any suspected cases are immediately quarantined in this area until test results are confirmed and we again note that so far we have been very lucky in Santorini with no confirmed cases on the island.

What is the current situation in Santorini?

As of 25th May 2020 restaurants have opened for outside service and with strict distancing measure between tables. Daily life on the island is beginning to look a bit more normal and the sun is shining!

What businesses are currently open now?

Most businesses are now open although some continue to work under certain restrictions regarding services provided and/or the number of customers allowed in the business at any one time. Distancing restrictions are likely to apply for the foreseeable future, but restaurants are open and hotels will be opening soon!

What travel options are currently available to get to Santorini?

Travel restrictions to Santorini have now been lifted (from 25/05) with travel to the island allowed for all. Currently this means via air or ferry from Athens only. There are currently no direct flights from other countries to the Santorini airport although we expect an update on direct flights in the coming days or weeks.

When do you expect hotels to open?

Hotels throughout Greece have been shut since the 23rd of March, extending a previous directive that had ordered all seasonal hotels not to open as many had planned in the last weeks of March and the first weeks of April.

The timetable for hotels to open is now becoming clearer with some of the year round hotels expected top open on 1st June and seasonal hotels (like ours) expected to open mainly on July 1st (perhaps some might operate from June 15th onwards).

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