Cocoon Experiences

Experience Santorini

Whilst you are here we want you to feel like you are in a safe haven, untouched by any remnants of the hustle and bustle of your busy life. But perhaps you want to unwind and get a little taste of the action and experiences the island has to offer… If sailing has been your lifelong dream, hoist the sails … and get ready for and experience of a lifetime… Or perhaps you’re more of a foodie, and sipping on some exuberant white wine and biting on local delicacies is more of your idea of heaven.

Or you wish to bring some of the Greek flavors back home and you’d love the idea of traditional cooking lessons. Or maybe you want a professional photo shoot to keep your memories alive, or you like to see earth from up high and a helicopter tour or a hot air balloon ride is the best way to spoil yourself. If you wish to experience Santorini to the fullest, our staff will be happy to help, if we are told in advance. As for your choices, sky is the limit.