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Santorini is so unique for many reasons, one being its cuisine and local produce.

The volcanic soil is responsible for the extraordinary taste of Fava, (yellow split peas, pureed to perfection), as well as the white aubergine (sweeter than the classic purple ones), domatinia (juicy, nectarous cherry tomatoes) and spicy capers, (both flowers and leaves are used in the local cuisine). The wine of Santorini is another chapter altogether. The excavations in Akrotiri show how wine making has been an integral part of the prehistoric dweller’s lives. The ash, lava and pumice left from the volcano eruption made for the perfect soil and the hot sun and strong winds dry up any dampness on the fruit, making exquisite fortified wines like the world-famous dessert wine Vinsanto. The indigenous white varieties include Assirtiko, Athiri and Aidani all three acknowledged as VQPRD (Vin de Qualité Produit Dans Une Région Déterminée) and very sought-after by any connoisseur visiting the island. Nykteri is another white variety, which matures in barrels and owes its name (Nykteri comes from nykta which means night) to the fact that vilification used to take place exclusively during the night to prevent oxidization).